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Decrease body fat – Increase muscle tone – Boost energy, strength, and endurance – Reduce wrinkles, tighter smoother skin – Help sound healthy sleep – Improve sex drive and performance, immune and heart function, bone density, healing time, cholesterol, brain function, memory, and mental focus

Jintropin is one of the most potent recombinant Human Growth Hormones on the market today. It is a proper 191 amino acid sequence Somatropin (natural to the human body) and is produced by GeneScience Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd.

According to IMS, an internationally recognized marketing firm, Jintropin is the absolute market leader in China with just over 75% of the market share. It was first introduced in 1997 when it was the first somatropin brand produced in China.

Jintropin stimulates linear cell growth and increases growth rate in children who lack adequate endogenous growth hormone. In adults with a growth hormone deficiency, JINTROPIN improves metabolism which in effect reduces the body’s fat storage, raises energy levels, increases muscle mass, vitality, and overall well-being.

Jintropin is indicated for patients suffering from severe burns or recovering after a major operation. It is given to AIDS patients to prevent muscle wasting. Children with stunted growth, caused by various illnesses will benefit from growth hormone the most.

Recreational use of growth hormone has been on the rise ever since synthetic variant first came on 2 decades ago. Bodybuilders brought a lot of publicity to JINTROPIN as it was their favorite brand due to the low price, high quality, and availability on the black market. In 2007, when actor Sylvester Stallone was caught with Jintropin by Australian customs, the media attention finally brought trouble to the manufacturer Genescience Pharmaceuticals. Chinese government temporarily revoked Gensci’s license while charges against the CEO of the company, Mr. Jin Lei were brought up in court (Providence, United States). Gensci’s operations have since returned to normal, however, Jintropin disappeared from the black market to be replaced by its successor Hypertropin. Nowadays the majority of Jintropin on the black market is considered to be counterfeit.

Jintropin is created using secretion technology. Genetically modified E.coli bacteria secrete the human body’s identical somatropin which is then isolated and freeze-dried. This method produces a very stable form of a molecule, which is otherwise too fragile to survive room temperatures or shaking. When freeze-dried it remains stable at 37C (98F degrees) for over 30 days or 45C degrees for over a week.